The New Jersey Palomino Exhibitors Association is the State Affiliate of the Palomino Horse Breeders Of America. Formed in the late 1960's, NJPEA is a non-profit organization promoting the breeding and showing of Palomino Horses in the State of New Jersey. All horses registered with PHBA are eligible to show at any of the shows held across the country recognized by PHBA. NJPEA holds two Show Circuits annually. The show program includes classes in Halter, English, and Western for Youth, Amateur and Open competitors.

Membership in NJPEA is automatic when you join PHBA and are a resident of NJ. For more details contact PHBA or the NJPEA treasurer.

July 30, 2014

The August Prize list has been updated. Go to Rules/Form page to download updated list.

Hi Everyone, Welcome home to all of the exhibitors who went to the World Show. From what I have heard, the entries were up & everyone seemed to have a good time. Even the weather was pretty good. Congrats to Lea Ann Kimble who won the open & amateur Golden Horse!!! A great achievement.

And a special thank you to our May sponsors:    Joan School, New Egypt Agway, Liz Corson, Wayne Wolfrum, BJ Schroeder, Blue Bridle, Hemlock Hill Farm, HHF & Clean Round Equine Laundry & Embroidery.

Our sponsors for the August show are:   Kelli Steinkopf, BJ Schroeder & Therese Perrette. Now you know NJPEA needs more sponsors to make our show more viable. Please try & get your favorite tack or feed store to help out. The sponsor form is on our web 

>>>All the forms you need are on the web site including the stall reservation form. Stall reservations are coming in so please reserve yours now to get the location you want. To get the special rate, the form must be post marked by Friday.

>>>Entries could be sent to Lori to lessen time spent in the office on Friday.

>>>The 2013 Year End Awards are in & they are really nice. If you have won an award, please pick it up at the August show or make arrangements for someone to get it for you. They will not be shipped!!! Way too heavy.

>>>The August Circuit Awards are also in & I know you will want one of them! FYI: Circuit Awards & Champion & Reserve ribbons for the August show must be signed for in the office.

>>>Select classes will be held as there seems to be riders interested in these classes.

>>>NJPEA will also run the Palomino Bred classes if the horses are there.

>>>Jersey Bred classes will be run on Saturday & your nomination fee will automatically be put on your show bill. 

>>>There will be no 2014 Year End Awards. You may pick up your checks in the office if you have nominated. Oh, yes. We have a new food vendor. Chef Buddy will be at the HP from 7AM to 2PM. He will be parked by the indoor. Please show your support for this guy.

By the way, if you want to know how you can help NPEA, here are a few ideas: 1. pay for a rental car for the judges; 2. pay for a hotel room for the judges; 3. pick up a judges lunch tab; 4. pay the HP for the food vendors plug; 5. sponsor a class; 6. pony up & help pay for our announcers gas; 7. pay for a portion of the circuit awards; 8. pay for the gate person (Buttons) or the ring steward (Chelsea); 9. on Saturday, go get the judge so we do not have to rent a car; & finally, take the judge back to the Philly airport when the show is over on Sunday.
As you can see, everything revolves around money to run the show which, in turn, supports our club. Did you know if each family donates $25 towards the general fund, we would generate $1875!!!?? Do you have any idea of what that would cover??!! You could send that check, made out to NJPEA, to me @ 1418 Fela Ave, North Brunswick, NJ 08902. Or you could write a separate check at the show & it would go into the SPECIAL FUND envelope. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me by phone or email (I still do not have FB down pat!!).

Martha 732.236.4623

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NJPEA would like to thank all of our sponsors that have renewed their ads for the 2014 season. Your Support is Greatly Appreciated!

Blue Bridle Insurance Agency
Hemlock Hill Farm, Colts Neck, NJ
High Honors Farm, Martha Hoff
Clean Round Equine Laundry & Embroidery

Click here to view our Sponsors Page.

2014 Show Dates
Held at the Horse Park in
Allentown, NJ.

 Aug 9th & 10th



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